The Green key

The world around us needs our attention. The lifestyle that we all would like to have demands a great deal from Mother Nature. It is essential that we are aware of this and each one of us bears the responsibility of treating our ‘habitat’, Earth, with the utmost respect. Just as we would like to be a pioneer with technology, at ibis De Haan we would also like to distinguish ourselves by going all out to reduce possible damage to our Earth. When building the hotel in 2016, this was already taken into account. A choice was quickly made to go with eco-efficient systems. The hotel is therefore heated in the winter and cooled in the summer with the newest generation of energy-efficient heat pumps. All water pipes are hyper insulated, guaranteeing a minimum of energy waste. As is usual now, part of the water supply in the hotel is provided by rainwater, which is collected in huge water reservoirs and in the wadi in our garden. Evidence of our efforts can be seen everywhere. There are no plastic cups or other disposal products in your room anymore. Our extensive breakfast buffet consists of many eco-products or bioproducts such as the beans for our coffee, the muesli or the fruit offered. Our shop contains bio-wines, a bio-soft drink and bio-crisps. Naturally, we can cater for people who are vegetarian or have other dietary needs. When checking in, you sign a smartphone rather than a printed document and when checking out we do not print an invoice but send it by email. You can always ask our employees about our forest walks and cycle routes that guide you along forest paths and fields of flowers. You can ask us for extra information about visiting the Zwin or exploring the famous nature park and bird sanctuary.

The fact that ibis De Haan obtained the Green Key Ecolabel is also good news for you! This allows you to pay for your stay with Ecocheques (EdenRed and Sodexo).